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Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, release, and expansion with Mycelium Mountain

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Psilocybin Assisted Healing

Are you ready to step into your own power and start living your life to the fullest? Join us on a transformative journey of self-discovery and release, where you can shed the weight of the past and embrace a courageous new future.

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All Inclusive Retreats

Our retreats offer a small, supportive community where you can explore your inner world and tap into your natural flow. Through nature-based programming and optional psychedelic experiences, you'll discover new parts of yourself that you never knew existed. Our team of experienced guides will help you navigate the journey and unlock your true potential.

Health and Wellness Services

Experience the healing power of our nature integrated holistic services. You'll heal inside and out through a variety of empowering modalities such as cold plunges, massages, sauna, nature hikes, and more.

"I am forever grateful for Mycelium Mountain. The knowledge, care, and attention that I received here was the perfect recipe for healing. It’s a beautiful facility in the middle of a forest. The peace and tranquility created an ideal environment to help quiet a busy mind."

Jane Miller


Join the Mycelium Mountain community and discover the quantum universe within yourself

Our retreats, nestled in the breathtaking Oregon Mountains, offer a luxurious space to discover your highest potential and intentionally create your visionary reality. Our exclusive offerings provide highly personalized support to help you achieve your goals. Don’t wait – take the courageous step towards personal growth and transformation today. 



We understand that embarking on a journey with entheogens can raise questions and concerns, and we are here to address them.