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Couple's Retreats

Join our personalized 4-day retreat with your partner for deep personal growth and intimate connection. Let go of destructive patterns and discover your true self through psilocybin and various healing modalities like couples yoga, art, hikes, meditation, and more. Strengthen your bond with your partner and enhance your relationship through this transformative experience. Reach out to book your spot today.

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Group Retreats

Mycelium Mountain Retreats offers a unique and exclusive Group Journey for entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals seeking a transformative experience in a customized and intimate group setting.

The intensive journey is curated specifically for each member of the group and the group as a whole. Small group journeys are also available.

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Individual Retreats

Are you seeking a personal transformation but prefer one-on-one support? Our individual day retreat may be the perfect fit for you. Together, we’ll design a journey that aligns with your spiritual and emotional goals, including nature, art, and plant medicine if desired. With pre-retreat calls and post-retreat integration support, you’ll experience a magical journey into your subconscious, guiding you towards personal growth and self-exploration.

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Why Love Mycelium Mountain

At Mycelium Mountain, we offer a transformative experience through our psilocybin retreats. Our experienced guides provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore their inner selves and connect with nature. Surrounded by the natural beauty of our location, participants can immerse themselves in the peaceful and serene surroundings while being guided through their journey by our knowledgeable staff.

Our retreats are designed for conscious individuals seeking personal growth and transformation. We provide a supportive community of like-minded individuals, where participants can feel a sense of belonging and connection. Our focus is on creating a transformative experience where participants can connect with their inner selves, gain clarity and perspective, and cultivate a deeper sense of awareness. Our retreats are not just about the psychedelic experience, but about the full integration of the experience into daily life. We provide full support and resources to help participants integrate their insights into their daily lives, providing a path forward towards a more fulfilling and authentic existence.

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